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Free Downloads to Aviation Safety Management Systems Resources

For two years (December 2010 to December 2012), SMS Pro Lite was provided free to:

  • Airports;
  • Airlines;
  • MROs (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul);
  • FBOs (Fixed Base Operators); and
  • Flight Schools.

During that time, 880 companies signed up for the software and 560 followed through to complete their portal registration.

Another need arose with many small operators that we wish to fulfill. These airports, start-up flight schools, MROs and FBOs have fewer than ten employees, and we want to provide them the BEST DEAL with SMS Pro™ 10/100. This provides ten employees for $100 monthly FULL access to all SMS Pro™ modules (over 60 as of 2012).

SMS Pro Lite is no longer free. However, we continue to have many free resources. See below links to access these free templates and checklists.

Free Aviation SMS Safety Posters

Free Safety Posters - Publisher format

Remain Aware (24"x36")

Stay Alert When Low Visibility (24"x36")

Follow Cockpit Procedures (24"x36")

Keep Communications Clear

Modify these to suit your needs. Optionally change the message and insert your safety URL.
More coming soon...


Aviation Safety Manager Checklists - SMS Implementation Plans

Aviation SMS Implementation Plan checklists help aviation safety managers to review their safety management systems implementation progress. Safety managers can use these guidelines as a "gap analysis" against their SMS implementation.

These Implementation Plans serve as templates for aviation service providers and can be tailored to suite the needs of your airline or airport. The success of EVERY safety management system requires the support, commitment and participation of top management, supervisors and employees.

These next implementation plan links have more info.

Airline & Airport SMS Gap Analysis Checklists to Download

Aviation Safety Software

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