By Chris Howell

SMS System in Aviation Company

Description of SMS System for Airlines, Airport, MROs, FBOs

SMS System for Aviation

Learn more about the best way to get aviation SMS system safety software.

SMS Pro™ has been repeatedly called the best aviation SMS system safety software solution because of:

  • Being Web-based;
  • Best Customer Service (response times);
  • Price (value);
  • Completeness (covers all four pillars);
  • Flexibility (software adapts to company); and
  • Customizable

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SMS Pro Starter offers incredible savings for thrifty companies needing high-quality aviation safety management software.

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SMS Pro Basic is an economical aviation SMS solution. Basic is designed for operators with limited SMS budgets.

SMS Pro Professional allows operators to advance their ICOA SMS implementations to the top level.

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SMS Pro Enterprise provides unlimited file storage space for SMS activities and access to ALL SMS Pro modules.

SMS System Tools for Airlines & Airports

Without good SMS system tools, safety managers will founder. Time and again, we have seen safety managers calling us up at the last minute looking for a SMS system tools for their airline or airport.

Many airlines and airports use available tools at hand for their initial SMS system tools. These tools are commonly MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access. These may work well if you have unlimited manpower and a very organized safety department. But if your company has one-hundred employees or more, you should acquire SMS system tools developed by SMS software professionals.

The cost for these tools is very reasonable when compared to the time and money you will save using less sophisticated SMS system tools.

The last video showed how SMS Pro™ helped to manage requirements found in safety management regulations.

This next video continues to demonstrate how SMS system tools will save you time and money. Below is the outline:

  • Corrective/Preventive actions for SMS System
  • Communicate progress of corrective/preventive actions
  • Safety training management
  • Safety audit history
  • Customizable Web based interface for customized inspection/audit forms
  • Audit findings/concerns integrated into risk management framework
  • Flight risk assessment for individual safety risk assessments per mission
  • Customizable safety risk management scores
  • Escalate identified risks to proper managers by configured risk range
  • Customizable landings & departures are individually risk evaluate


Part 5 Safety Management System (SMS) - Aviation SMS for Airports & Airlines