Integrated Safety Management in Aviation Organizations

Aviation SMS Programs Using Integrated Safety Management Principles


Integrated Safety Mangement Systems

A pure integrated safety management system is a management system integrating all of an aviation organization's systems and business processes in to one complete framework. This framework allows aviation service providers to work as a single unit, regardless of geographical location.

Integrated safety management systems allows your organization to access data seamlessly, such as SMS Pro™. Instead of each division or department having their own safety management system, you have a safety system that is accessible by the entire organization.

The best integrated safety management systems offer role based security, thus limiting user access to sensitive data or data that may not be pertinent due to the users job description. Integrated safety management systems afford less duplication, and it becomes easier to manage change throughout a geographically and functionally diverse organizations.

Integrated safety management systems allows management teams to create one system structure to effectively and efficiently deliver an organization's safety objectives.

From managing employee safety needs, to monitoring customer complaints, integrated safety management systems encourage best practices to minimizing risks and maximizing safety resources. This integrated approach can help an organization achieve their safety objectives.

This following video continues explaining the high points of an integrated safety management system. The previous video discusses the principles of safety management using SMS Pro™.

An outline of this next video follows:

  • Hazard reporting aviation safety issues
  • Predefined hazard reports
  • Customizable hazard reporting interface
  • Integrates into risk management framework
  • Nonpunitive reporting policy integrated into system
  • Safety policy integrated into safety management system
  • Anonymous reporting safety hazards/issues
  • Integrated system supports safety, security, quality, compliance and environmental issues.
  • Submit safety hazards to civil aviation authorities or other third parties
  • Users can add attachments to submitted hazard reports
  • Integrated CEO commitment to safety
  • Top management support is required for successful aviation SMS programs
  • Safety officer information available to all users


Part 3 Safety Management System (SMS) - Aviation SMS for Airports & Airlines


Integrated Safety Management in Aviation Organizations

Integrated SMS-QMS Systems

Complete aviation SMS software solution capable of being an integrated safety management system!

Includes these integrated safety management tools:

  • Hazard Reporting;
  • Risk Management;
  • Safety Assurance;
  • Advanced Reports;
  • Auditing Tools;
  • Message Boards;
  • Document Management;
  • Meeting Manager; and
  • Much more.

Aviation SMS Software Products

Hazard Reporting Solution offers incredible savings for thrifty companies needing high-quality aviation safety management software.

Risk Management Solution is an economical aviation SMS solution. It is designed for operators with limited SMS budgets.


Safety-Quality Assurance allows aviation service providers all necessary tools to advance their ICAO SMS implementations toward complete compliance.

By Chris Howell