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Aviation SMS software without the demand, overhead & complexities of in-house IT resources.

Managing aviation safety risks is never an easy task, even when you have all the necessary safety systems in place. Safety managers and department heads must stay informed by the best aviation safety management systems software without becoming overwhelmed by massive amounts of disorganized information.

Being proactive and understanding environmental influences can easily be an enormously complicated process without quality aviation safety SMS database software.

Similarly, having competent, knowledgeable IT staff with sufficient technical expertise to manage a world-class SMS presents another set of issues, not to mention ensuring your organization has sufficient hardware, software and bandwidth to effectively deliver the SMS solution.


SMS Pro™ Database Software Hosting

NWDS provides SMS Pro™ Software Hosting, which is a Web-based softare application hosting approach for SMS Pro™. SMS Pro™ a world-class SMS database software for ICAO compliant SMS programs. SMS Pro™ Software Hosting offers small and large businesses the benefits of SMS Pro™ using Microsoft’s .NET framework and Microsoft’s enterprise-level SQL Server database.

SMS Pro™ Database Software significantly increases the level of technological sophistication in risk management systems, provides Safety Managers with database software tools they need to better consolidate and manage enormous amounts of SMS data and increase the information flow to company stakeholders.

SMS Pro™ Software Hosting is a fast and efficient way to get your SMS implementation up and running without the overhead and complexities that come with supporting such aviation SMS software environments. Combining NWDS’ SMS Pro™ Software Hosting capabilities with your world-class SMS Pro™ implementation will reduce your aviation SMS software costs, significantly reduce your SMS implementation timelines and reduce the amount of IT resources required to support your SMS database software implementation.


SMS Pro™ Software Hosting Advantages

Using NWDS’ SMS Pro™ Software Hosting solution, your company takes advantage of industry best practices and some of the most well known concepts for managing aviation safety risk relating to software data management. In addition to enjoying the benefits of a robust, flexible and customizable SMS software solution, this aviation safety SMS software hosting solution offers experienced technical staff with extensive knowledge of the SMS Pro™ software application, database administration (MS SQL Server), application server (Windows 2003 & Windows 2008 Server operating systems), WAN and Internet technologies, firewalls, and data backup and replication technologies.

NWDS offers a sophisticated, secure, Web-based portal for each organization that provides our customers with a 24/7 view into their SMS for "real-time" communications across the entire organization. Our all-inclusive pricing model offers one monthly fee for all your SMS software program needs. This affordable software model allows you to manage your software needs to a fixed budget and offers the flexibility your company needs to adapt to changing environmental conditions without suffering penalties.

NWDS’ software engineers and SMS Partners have many years of experience in implementing enterprise-level aviation safety SMS database software solutions that support the best practices of industry leading organizations around the world. Furthermore, NWDS’ IT staff has been developing and supporting SMS Pro™ software in production environments for over five years. Finally, NWDS’ SMS Partners continuously stay abreast of SMS developments by being engaged in regulatory activities.

Your aviation organization will benefit from our aviation software experience in 24/7 business critical SMS Pro™ Hosting.

SMS Pro™ Turn-Key Software Solutions

NWDS’ enables service providers to deploy SMS Pro™ software as an "out-of-the-box" software solution that rapidly incorporates your organization’s SMS Programs and data into a single integrated, Web-based software application environment. SMS Pro™ Software Hosting delivers significant value to your organization quickly while maintaining the robust capability expected from well-established IT organizations.


SMS Pro™ Software Hosting Value & Benefits

Aviation SMS software application hosting speeds your SMS implementation process, minimizes the inherent aviation safety risks and expenses incurred across the software application life-cycle and eliminates the need for additional hiring and/or training of qualified technical personnel.

You will maintain a peace of mind knowing that the aviation SMS software development company that designed and developed your SMS software is the same software company that maintains it.

NWDS is the only software company responsible for the maintenance and application support. These factors minimize the "total cost of ownership," ensure quick deployments, planned aviation SMS software system upgrades, round-the-clock support and increased security.

SMS Pro™ software is the obvious choice for businesses large and small that wish to minimize aviation safety risk and enhance their bottom line

SMS Pro™ Software Installation & Technical Support

NWDS has a well-defined, documented and practiced process for efficiently installing SMS Pro™ database software as a hosted solution on dedicated servers. The SMS Pro™ Software Hosting solution includes service and support for the installation and implementation of the software application outside your organization’s IT environment.

During software installation and implementation, we work with your team to provide the necessary software installation knowledge and understanding to perform essential administrative functions to configure and customize your SMS Pro™ software application. After that, we continue to provide you service as part of your SMS Pro™ Software Hosting solution.


Aviation Safety Management Systems Software for Enterprises

Aviation SMS Software

Complete aviation SMS software solution! Reduce systems by having all aviation SMS software tools in one application.


  • Hazard Reporting;
  • Risk Management;
  • Safety Assurance;
  • Advanced Reports;
  • Auditing Tools;
  • Message Boards;
  • Document Management;
  • Meeting Manager; and
  • Much more.

Aviation SMS Software Products

Hazard Reporting Solution offers incredible savings for thrifty companies needing high-quality aviation safety management software.

Risk Management Solution is an economical aviation SMS solution. It is designed for operators with limited SMS budgets.


Safety-Quality Assurance allows aviation service providers all necessary tools to advance their ICAO SMS implementations toward complete compliance.

By Chris Howell